What to expect from your Italian class

So, what can you expect from our Parla Italiano classes, what can you expect to learn after a term, and what kind of teachers and methods are used in our classes? Here is the answer:

Parla Italiano, led by myself, has been providing Italian classes since 2006. The success of our school is due to our professional approach. First of all, our native teachers must have a qualification for teaching Italian and experience. Just being a mother tongue is not enough to be able to analyse language, prepare lessons plans with specific aims and deliver it successfully.

Second of all, at Parla Italiano we believe that learning a language is all about motivation and fun. So the environment created in class is stress-free and non-critical, even if the lesson includes correction stages. The role of our teachers is to guide and make it possible for students to learn. Our teachers are able to make the learning process simple, effective and fun by using a variety of activities and material, including games, role plays and so on.

Last but not least, we give students the opportunity to speak. Our classes are small, so students can expect interaction and speaking from lesson one. We don’t expect our students to have previous knowledge, however they will acquire enough of it each lesson to be able to use it straight away. Students are never put on the spot and are given help at each stage.

After a term of classes, students should be able to talk about themselves, ask basic questions, order at the bar and at the restaurant, express preferences and so on. You would have learnt some basic grammar such as the present tense, articles, and so on. And most importantly, have gained some confidence.

The atmosphere in class is positive and encouraging. Mistakes are considered part of the journey. Each person will develop their language skills at their pace and although we give all the tools and advice to work on outside of the class, this is by choice, you don’t have to do it. We understand that the Italian class means different things to different students and we respect that. Please get in touch if you wish to know more!

For our full list of classes please visit our website: www.parlaitaliano.co.uk and click on Group Italian Classes. If you wish to speak with us, please write to: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone: 07941 092593

Learning a language successfully: you only need one rule

After many years of teaching Italian to adults I have come to the conclusion that for learning successfully there is only one rule: don’t give up!

Recently, a person that I don’t know sent me a message telling me that she had been studying Italian for some times, but she had now given it up. She was contacting me for other reasons than studying Italian but my first emotion upon receiving such email was one of sadness. The way she phrased her message made me think that she had been learning for a while and that she had lost hope.

In my years of teaching I have come across many different students, some natural linguists, some average learners and some very slow learners. No matter the student talent we worked together to achieve language learning and mostly succeeded. Whenever it happened that a person did not succeed it was because they had given up.

Of course, I do understand, that sometime students only want to try something new. After a term of classes, some decide that this is enough and that they wish to try something else. Trying something new is a healthy and it is not giving up. Giving up is due to the belief that we are not achieving, we are not good enough and we might as well stop trying.

I still remember a student I taught about twelve years ago, he was clearly a very intelligent man, with a great career, economic success and very satisfied with his life. He had a reason for learning, however teaching him was difficult, extracting one word from him excruciating. He was not a natural language learner to say the least. However, he had something even more powerful, he had grit, he would not give up, year after year he stuck with it and he achieved his goal. He started to be more and more fluent and became satisfied with his language skills.

What is the secret of his success? His determination of course. But also, even if he had accepted that learning was difficult, he never compared himself to others. He acknowledged and celebrated every little success. And such a great teacher he was to me!

Parla Italiano new Italian classes for adults open every term, please get in touch if you are interested by email: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone laura on 07941 092593

Italian classes for children and the importance of movement

In our Italian classes no matter what the student age is, we never just sit on a chair but we offer a variety of activities so that our students can move. We believe that learning takes place when we feel free and relaxed. This is why movement is important in our classes.

Even in our adult classes we carefully select games to consolidate vocabulary and structures learnt. Adults move in class during the games, during ‘mingling’ activities, and they are sometimes invited to the board to take ownership of a particular activity.

Movement is even more important in our children classes. Children unlike adults have a short attention span, albeit which grows with age.

We account for this in all of our classes. For example our 3-5 classes are taught mainly on the carpet. However, children are invited to stand during singing time, they can move around during our role plays (picture 1.) and during games. Because the class is varied and time standing/moving/on the carpet is alternated, when it is time to listen to a story in Italian or to work on activities that require attention, children are able to sit, listen and concentrate (pictures 2. and 3.). Storytelling is a very important element in our classes. Our storytelling time is always interactive, so children are asked questions – always in Italian – and they are invited to participate actively in it. All our classes at all levels and for all ages are taught exclusively in Italian and students are interacting with our teachers in Italian.

Class 3-5 years old, 1. Role play 2. Story told in pictures, 3. Puppet show


As the children grow their attention span grows and they are more able to sit still for longer periods. Students in our Italian 7-9 class, have a chair with a table as they are asked to write in some of the activities. Activities however, are varied and students are expected to move during some of the activities. For example we offer time to work in pairs or in small groups on the floor (picture below) as well as standing time; for example time on the board during a game, a mime activity and so on.

Class 7-9 years old, group work

Our new complete beginner’s class in Clerkenwell EC1

We are proud to announce our new Complete Beginner’s course in Central London EC1. Our new class will be located in the old Italian quarter in Clerkenwell.

Clerkenwell has been home to the first Italians who came to London. They settled in the Clerkenwell area of London from 1800 onwards. When St Peter’s Italian church was established in 1863 Clerkenwell became the focus of the Italian community in London. Next to it ‘La casa Vincenzo Pallotti’ provided the Italians with a club to socialise in, a school of Italian for the children and so on. Today ‘La casa Vincenzo Pallotti’ is still very popular with the Italian community in London, so we thought what better place to establish our new complete beginners class for adults than in this historic place. The club is strategically located near Farringdon and Chancery Lane tube stations.

What can you expect from our classes?

At Parla Italiano we believe that learning a language is all about motivation and fun. The role of our teachers is to guide you and make it possible for you to learn. Our teacher are qualified and prepared, they are able to make the learning process simple and achievable.

Our classes are small, you can expect interaction and speaking from lesson one. Speaking and all the other skills (listening, writing and reading) are developed in each lesson and grammar is introduced gradually. After one term of classes you should be able to talk about yourself, ask basic questions, order at the bar and at the restaurant, express preferences and so on. The atmosphere in class is positive and encouraging. Mistakes are considered part of the journey. And most importantly, you should have fun while learning.

Our complete beginner’s classes starts in April in Central and North London. Our locations include Clerkenwell, Finsbury Park, Palmers Green and Barnet.

For more information please visit our website: www.parlaitaliano.co.uk
Or please email: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone 07941 092593

New Complete beginner’s class in Finsbury Park N4

Our school of Italian for adults is growing fast and we are opening classes in various locations.

We have classes at various levels in Palmers Green N13. We also have a class in Barnet EN4.
We are excited to announce that – just after Easter – on 23 April we will be opening a new complete beginner’s class in Finsbury Park N4.

This class is five minutes distance from Finsbury Park tube station, railway station and bus station with many buses serving the area.

Our teachers are all qualified to teach Italian as a second language and mother tongue.
For our complete beginners class no previous knowledge is required. If you have studied before, please get in touch by phone (07941 092593) for an assessment.

Our courses include ten classes for a total of 15 hours. Our students often ask us what happened if they miss a class. To miss a class is not a problem as we always send some material to cover what has been done in class.

For more information please visit our website: parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone Laura on 07941 092593.
Happy learning!

Seven Italian words you think you know

Latin and later the Italian language have had a strong influence on the English language in the past. This is usually an advantage when learning Italian as a great deal of vocabulary has the same origin and can be easily recognised by an English speaker. For example words such as: ironico, sofisticato, musica, arte, architettura, dilemma, teatro, piano, scenario, ballerina, etc

However, nowadays, it is actually the Italian language that is absorbing more words from English, for example from the technology and business world. And Italians are embracing the English words with open arms.

However, the English language is still importing some Italian words. The new vocabulary entering the English dictionary is often related to food and drinks. Navigating yourself to this link here would adumbrate what is being said better. However, there are a few words that you need to be aware of as they are used in Italian in a different way. Here are a few examples:

  1. Latte – In Italian this word means milk so when ordering a coffee, if you wish for a milky coffee it is better to order a ‘caffè latte’, to avoid being served a glass of milk.
  2. Panini – In Italian this is the plural noun of ‘panino’, which means bread roll, rather than grilled sandwich. In Italy order a ‘panino tostato’.
  3. Pepperoni – In Italian this word does not exist. ‘Peperone’ is a similar word, however this is not a spicy sausage but a sweet pepper. When ordering a pizza, order a ‘salame piccante’.
  4. Bolognese – This means ‘from Bologna’ but the meat and tomato sauce you are looking for is actually called ‘ragu`.
  5. Prosciutto – Prosciutto is both cooked ham (prosciutto cotto) and also cured (prosciutto crudo).
  6. Al fresco – This means ‘in a cool place’ but does not mean outdoors. If you wish to be outside, better say ‘all’aperto’. Funnily enough, ‘finire al fresco’ means to end up in jail.
  7. Confetti – This is actually a false friend. In Italian confetti are sugared almonds and are distributed to family and friends in special occasions such as weddings. The pieces of colored paper are called ‘coriandoli’.

Parla Italiano is a school of Italian language for adults and children. We have classes at various levels and a new complete beginners class starting in January in Palmers Green and Barnet. For information please email laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or call 07941 092593

Learning Italian at Parla Italiano: what to expect

Have you ever thought how great it would be to start learning a new language, but never really did anything about it? Perhaps you felt it was daunting or thought that you were never good at languages at school. Perhaps you have tried and have been disappointed.

At Parla Italiano we believe that learning a language is all about motivation and fun. The role of our teachers is to guide you and make it possible for you to learn. Our teachers are qualified and prepared, they are able to make the learning process simple and doable.

We have been teaching Italian for more than a decade and the new methodologies enables people to learn quicker, to really speak the language and even to speak from lesson one. Long gone are the days when you needed to learn by heart words and conjugations without ever using them in class or even uttering a single word.

Our classes are small, you can expect interaction and speaking from lesson one. Speaking and all the other skills (listening, writing and reading) are developed in each lesson and grammar is introduced gradually. After one term of classes you should be able to talk about yourself, ask basic questions, order at the bar and at the restaurant, express preferences and so on. The atmosphere in class is positive and encouraging. Mistakes are considered part of the journey. And most importantly, you should have fun while learning.

Our complete beginners classes starts soon in Palmers Green and in Barnet. For other locations please visit our website: www.parlaitaliano.co.uk
For information please email: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone 07941 092593


You don’t necessarily have to hop on a plane to feel like an Italian this summer! London is bursting with Italian culture; amongst its many restaurants, events and art, there is no excuse for you not to practise your Italian language skills.  Here are a few ideas on how to immerse yourselves in the language and culture of Italian London.

  1. Celebrate at the ‘Festa Italiana’

On Sunday 22 July 2018 the streets of London’s EC1 will be painted green, white and red as the Italian community of Clerkenwell and St Peters Italian Church put on the greatest Italian show of the summer; known to the Italians of London as ‘Festa Italiana’ or Processione della Madonna del Carmine.  A great place to meet other Italians and surround yourself by the sounds and smells of Italy. Try some delicious porchetta and wash it down with a refreshing summery Spritz! Don’t miss out.

  1. Be an Italian bookworm

Summer is a great time to start a new book so make it an Italian one! The Italian bookshop in Kensington is an excellent place to browse and buy a quality Italian book or a graded one for less advanced students.  They also host regular talks and book presentations so check out their events to add to your diary!

  1. Enjoy pure Italian screen classics

Movie fans will enjoy a trip to Cinema Italia held monthly at London’s historic The Regent Street Cinema in Oxford Circus.  Visit the home of Italian contemporary films in the UK where you can choose from a programme of summer films, events and documentaries.

  1. Sip on arty aperitivo

Fancy your aperitivo in art form? then drop into the Estorick Collection in Canonbury Square N1, for a history lesson about one of Italy’s most celebrated drinks brand – Campari. ‘The Art of Campari’ exhibition, which is on until September, showcases the best of the brand’s rich heritage in creativity and design, you’ll want to sip on one after this!

  1. Refresh your Italian – Get ready for September

If you need to spice up your language skills why not sign up to our adult Italian courses for September.  Or if you would like your children to learn,  then it’s not too late to enrol them to our new Italian children’s classes in North London.

Seven habits of highly effective language learners

In language learning, no matter where you start from, you can achieve your goal if you believe you can. Looking at what the most successful learners do can be inspirational.

Learning a language is complex and the time that it will take you to achieve a level that you are happy with varies greatly from one person to the next. It depends on a variety of elements and in order to speed up the process it is useful to look at the best language learners to understand and try to replicate what they do differently. I have observed students for more than a decade and these are seven elements that effective learners have in common:

  1. They are proactive.
    This is very much true for anything one wishes to achieve. To be proactive means to take ownership of ones’ own learning. The best language students are all independent students. They don’t expect to simply follow the teacher’s direction but have their own strategy for learning. They pick up tips for learning, look for ideas everywhere and develop their own strategy alongside the work they do in class.
  2. They seek exposure.
    Highly effective students understand that exposure to the language is one of the most important elements. So they read and listen a great deal more than the average student.
  3. They use a variety of tools.
    The very best students work online, interact in groups, on pages, use website, apps etc. to help them develop their vocabulary and language skills.
  4. They are not afraid to speak.
    Speaking a language can only be learnt by speaking it. They find opportunities and make the most of them.
  5. They are not perfectionists.
    Abandon perfectionism, the best learners are not afraid of making mistakes. They know it is part of the process of learning.
  6. They are patient.
    Highly effective learners know that learning is not a linear process. The secret is to keep going and practise, practise, practise.
  7. They don’t give up.
    Last but not least, when the game gets tough they don’t abandon it but they keep going, knowing that it will get easier. They trust themselves and the process.

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