Learning Italian: It only takes a 1000 words

The other day, I came across this bit of information which I thought was really interested: it only takes a 1000 high frequency words to understand most of what is said ordinarily in a foreign language, in fact between 80% and 95% of what is saidConsidered from a complete beginners’ point of view, it makes learning a language less daunting and very achievable. This information was in fact part of a British Council campaign a few years ago. 

However, we know that a language is made up of a vast amount of lexis; it is estimated that the Italian language has around 470,000 words and if you think that this is a great deal, consider that the English language is estimated to include around 1 million! So why is it possible to get by in a language with only a 1000 words?  

Our everyday language is actually quite simple and incredibly predictable. Therefore, we can predict the language used in a wide range of basic situations by the context and therefore, a few key words can reveal the meaning of full sentences. That is why the more confident a student is and the more s/he will try to understand also by predicting the meaning. 

If however, even acquiring a 1000 words feels daunting and you feel like you are forgetting the new words as fast as you are learning them, let me give you a few tips on how to learn them more effectively. First of all, language has meaning in context. This means that it is more effective to learn new words presented in a dialogue or text or by recording them in families rather than randomlyAlso, reading lists over and over is not an effective way of remembering theseWords needs to be anchored within your existing knowledge. This is easier that it sounds and it can be fun. For example let’s take the word cucchiaio, which means spoon, the first part of the word is pronounced as in ‘cook’ so here we would suggest to think of a cook with a spoon in his hands. 

In our classes we teach these techniques and more. Our new online classes starts soon, please see our courses on this site. For more information or for a free assessment, please email: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk, phone me on 07941 092593 or visit www.parlaitaliano.co.uk 

What to expect from your Italian class

So, what can you expect from our Parla Italiano classes, what can you expect to learn after a term, and what kind of teachers and methods are used in our classes? Here is the answer:

Parla Italiano, led by myself, has been providing Italian classes since 2006. The success of our school is due to our professional approach. First of all, our native teachers must have a qualification for teaching Italian and experience. Just being a mother tongue is not enough to be able to analyse language, prepare lessons plans with specific aims and deliver it successfully.

Second of all, at Parla Italiano we believe that learning a language is all about motivation and fun. So the environment created in class is stress-free and non-critical, even if the lesson includes correction stages. The role of our teachers is to guide and make it possible for students to learn. Our teachers are able to make the learning process simple, effective and fun by using a variety of activities and material, including games, role plays and so on.

Last but not least, we give students the opportunity to speak. Our classes are small, so students can expect interaction and speaking from lesson one. We don’t expect our students to have previous knowledge, however they will acquire enough of it each lesson to be able to use it straight away. Students are never put on the spot and are given help at each stage.

After a term of classes, students should be able to talk about themselves, ask basic questions, order at the bar and at the restaurant, express preferences and so on. You would have learnt some basic grammar such as the present tense, articles, and so on. And most importantly, have gained some confidence.

The atmosphere in class is positive and encouraging. Mistakes are considered part of the journey. Each person will develop their language skills at their pace and although we give all the tools and advice to work on outside of the class, this is by choice, you don’t have to do it. We understand that the Italian class means different things to different students and we respect that. Please get in touch if you wish to know more!

For our full list of classes please visit our website: www.parlaitaliano.co.uk and click on Group Italian Classes. If you wish to speak with us, please write to: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone: 07941 092593

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Successful language learning: learning from the children

The fundamental elements of learning a language are only a few: being exposed to it by hearing lots of it and putting it into practise by speaking at any opportunity are two of them. But the most important is a fearless and trusting mind.

When I was at school, I studied German for years, however, the only phrase I can say is ‘und so weiter’, which means etcetera. But why after so many years can I only say such a useless phrase? This is because it is the only phrase that my teacher used to say in German when teaching us. We never got to hear much German nor did we speak it in class.
These are clearly great disadvantages when learning a language as hearing it continuously in context underpins learning. Speaking it is another pillar of a successful methodology. Our adults and children classes are taught in the target language and are given plenty of opportunities for speaking.
Children, unlike adults, are less preoccupied with understanding every single word, so long as they can follow the general meaning, they will be interested. Their attitude generates a virtuous circle, the more they hear then the more they understand. This is the natural way of learning our mother tongue. Context is most important, for example, if the child doesn’t know what the word ‘apple’ means, if the parent holds an apple in their hand as they talk, the child will learn the word.
Adult learners have the same ability but most tend to question and focus on what they don’t understand. They demand to understand every single word and feel lost when they don’t. In the previous example, they hear a sort of ‘bla, bla, bla, mela’ and rather than focus on the meaning of ‘mela=apple’ which is clear from the context, they focus on the ‘bla, bla, bla’. This becomes exhausting and ineffective.
Successful adult learners trust themselves and have a mental openness similar to that of children. They are fearless and let the language soaks into their mind, capturing the essentials and more. If you are interested in learning a language, let the children teach you to be fearless.

Our new Italian classes for children and adults start soon. For more info please visit: www.parlaitaliano.co.uk, email laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone 07941092593

Italian is the language of music

This beautiful language is the language chosen by Mozart for some of his most famous operas. It is the language that sings and it has been associated with music for more than a thousand years.

Many people fall in love with the Italian language by going on holiday in Italy; enjoying the beautiful country, the warm weather, the sea, the city of art and perhaps by listening to Italians.  I have heard of an English speaker who believes that everything ordinary becomes rather special if said in Italian: the modest kitchen towel is asciughino, to rock or swing is dondolare, to whistle is fischiettare and garbage is spazzatura.

I suppose that when you experience mostly blue skies and warm weather you might be inclined to feel positive and happy; and most things might feel and sound better. However, the musical element of the Italian language is actually achieved by the fact that most words end with a vowel giving a singing quality to the language.

But Italian is also the language of music in the sense that Italians have greatly influenced music and its language and so many musical terms such as allegro, forte, andante, etc are in Italian.

It was an Italian, Guido D’Arezzo, who invented the modern musical notation in the medieval era. Later on, the Italians dominated the musical scene during the Renaissance and the Baroque periods. They established Italian as the language of music in the same way as, for example, English is used today in most countries for IT and new technology terms. So if you play an instrument you will be very familiar with Italian terms such as piano, presto, sonata, aria, etc. Italian has also given many instruments their names: piano, viola, cello (violoncello), etc.

Join one of our classes to take a dip into this beautiful language, you will have the chance to hear the real language, you will practise speaking from day one and learn or improve your Italian. And even if singing is not required we might listen to Italian music from time to time. Ciao!


Thank you for contacting us…

we'll be in touch very soon.

in the meantime, here's a little of what our current students think of our courses...

"We've thoroughly enjoyed our Italian classes so far, and feel that we've learnt a huge amount in a short space of time. Laura is a wonderful teacher - patient and encouraging, she is able to communicate new learning clearly and effectively. The lessons are always engaging and well-paced, with a good balance of new input and revision that's delivered via a range of different media. A varied mix of audio recordings, news articles and discussion exercises helps students develop a broad range of skills, and ensures that lessons never get boring. Grammar points are explained clearly and succinctly, with well-chosen examples. Above all, the classes are great fun, and we've often found we've grasped new concepts without even realising! Overall we're highly impressed with the course, and are delighted to have signed up for the follow-on elementary classes."
Zoe Boyd-Clack and Simon Jones

What people say

I have taken many Italian courses including with private tutors. This first course has not only held my interest, but it’s also made me look forward to part two! My confidence in reading and speaking Italian has increased greatly and

Rashna Bhadha-Ryan, Southgate N14

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our Italian classes so far, and feel that we’ve learnt a huge amount in a short space of time. Laura is a wonderful teacher – patient and encouraging, she is able to communicate new learning clearly and

Zoe Boyd-Clack and Simon Jones

The course and teaching methods are excellent. Each session is well structured with elements of both revision and new material. Teaching methods vary widely and generally incorporate fun exercises, listening and language practice. The atmosphere is encouraging and light with

Jackie Bishop, Palmers Green N13

The course has been really enjoyable. As an adult learner I was unsure of what to expect and what format a lesson would take (It’s a long time since I was at school!) the variety of topics covered and the

Jackie Farrell, Palmers Green N13

I have been working with Laura and her language business, Parla Italiano, for over 3 years. In my dealings with Laura, she has not only shown to be very professional, reliable and approachable but also she understands the business and

Luca Piccini, Country Manger, Lavazza UK (now Asia Pacific Director at Luigi Lavazza S.p.a.)

Laura is a fantastic teacher who has contagious energy, passion and enthusiasm. Her lessons are demanding and always great fun. Conversation is easy – she is bright and intelligent and always interesting to talk to. You learn fast. Brava Professoressa!

Rory Conwell, Chairman, BeautySpotter

I took classes with Laura for almost a year. She is an excellent teacher, very passionate and enthusiastic about the Italian language. She always brings fun into the lessons, making it very enjoyable. She motivates all her students through her

Emile Laubscher

Laura always makes the lesson interesting by doing different things. She teaches using examples that will come useful in everyday situations. I used to be worried about listening comprehension but with Laura I like doing this activity as I realise

Hannah Roberts

Laura inspires with her infectious enthusiasm. I always finish a lesson feeling upbeat about my progress having often started feeling dim. Her emphasis on understanding and being understood is not at the expense of developing a grasp of the technicalities.

Dr Gregory Battle (beginner student)

The main problem with most private teaching lessons is the tedium they can create and the fact that they are usually exam-oriented. Yet, Laura manages to avoid all the barriers that can hinder the learning process. Having had quite long

Nicolas Sakiotis (beginner student)

I have been studying Italian with Laura for about a year. She is an extremely effective teacher. Her approach was consistent from the beginning and prompted me to speak Italian as much as I could. Over time with her support

Jason Maratos (beginner student)

Laura is a great teacher. The lesson are both fun and structured and my confidence speaking the language has increased a lot on account of her enthusiasm and support. Although the lessons are structured, she ensures that we don’t just

Megan Schuster (intermediate student)

Laura is an understanding, helpful, and very cheerful teacher! She manages to adapt herself to the student’s individual needs and learning abilities. She is always prepared for the lesson and emphasizes the importance of variety during the teaching hour by

Milena Pappas (advanced student)

I started taking lessons from Laura after completing a one month immersion course for beginners  in Italian.  I work and travel with my work and I find it difficult to attend regular, scheduled lessons.  Laura is very flexible with the

Ann Gordon (beginner student)

I have been studying Italian with Laura for one year now, after having a break from the language for over 10 years Laura was great in tailoring the lesson to my needs, revisiting long forgotten grammar and building confidence speaking

Olivia Erby (beginner student)

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