Group Italian Classes & Levels

Group Italian Classes

We offer small and effective group classes in North London.

The syllabus is carefully designed to develop the four skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) with the most emphasis on speaking. Our classes are effective but also fun. We use the latest methodology, audio and visual aids to give students tools to learn effectively. All lessons are taught in Italian giving students ample exposure to the language and students are given many opportunity to practice speaking (as well as the other skills) during class.

Here is what some group students say about Parla Italiano's Italian courses

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Description of levels:

LevelNo of hoursSome of the elements covered
A1 Beginner
Module 1
15Basic personal information, greetings, ordering at the bar/restaurant, talking about free time and hobbies, numbers, telling the time.
Articles, present tense, some irregular verbs, verbs –isc.
A1 Beginner
Module 2
15Booking a hotel room, describing cities, expressing preference, agreeing/ disagreeing, describing a holiday.
Modal verbs, adjectives, past tense (passato prossimo)
A1 Beginner Continuation
Module 3
15Shopping for food and clothes, expressing quantities, talking about habits and routines, describing family. Direct pronouns, partitive, reflexive verbs, irregular past participles, possessive pronouns.
A2 Elementary
Module 4
15Talking about childhood, describing past habits, describing past events, describing people, making comparisons.
Past tense (imperfetto), conditional, stare + gerundio, relative pronouns.
A2 Elementary II
Module 5
15Talking about a healthy lifestyle, going to the doctor, giving advice.
Imperative formal and informal, comparative and superlatives, nouns with irregular plural.
A2 Elementary III
Module 6
15Talking about future events, talking about work, understanding job advertisements, writing a CV and a covering letter, describing a house, apologizing.
Present subjunctive, verbs with direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns.
IntermediateB1-B2/AdvancedFor more details about higher levels please contact us.