Learning Italian during the pandemic

How to learn italian language online

The last few months have been a difficult period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a sad time for some and a difficult time for most due to the lockdown restrictions. Although we cannot deny the negative effects of the pandemic, many people seem to have discovered new ways of working, learning and generally leading their lives. For example, working from home has proved to be easier than people thought, many have discovered that it is not necessary to shop every day, and also that learning from home using a computer is easy and convenient.

People have started to take a great variety of classes online.

Learning a language online with a dedicated teacher is easy, accessible and convenient. Even people who loved attending a regular class have discovered the convenience of distance learning, which saves time usually spent going to and from the class.

Parla Italiano has also been impacted by Coronavirus; after we had to close our face-to-face classes, we decided to specialise in online classes and recruit teachers who are very good at teaching using Zoom. Our teachers are not only great online but are experienced with teaching Italian as a second language and are of course mother tongue.

All our courses are small, a maximum of ten students. Our courses are structured by level and the syllabus is carefully designed to suit the needs of the students. All material presented during the lesson is made available before and after class. We use a variety of tools to make the class truly engaging. There is plenty of speaking practice during class as students are split into smaller groups and enabled to interact with each other, making the most of the time available.

How to learn italian language online? Our new classes are starting soon, we have a variety of levels and we offer a free assessment and guidance to choose the correct course for you.

I personally like to get to know our students before they join so that I can advise the best course for them. I like to discuss with my students their learning history and what they wish to achieve. Please get in touch by phone (UK number +44 7941092593) or by email laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk. I look forward to speaking with you!