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At Parla Italiano we teach more than the language as an understanding of the culture determines success in business. Did you know? Before doing business with you, Italians will want to know you. They usually prefer to do business with people that they know, for this reason a third party introduction is important to start a business relationship.

We have an in depth knowledge of the business environment and we listen to you to understand your business objectives. Do you want to know more about our service? Or about business benefits? Achieving team building? Or perhaps about offering your staff a fun day at the office? Find out more here.

What we can do for you:

We offer one-to-one and group courses for business based on general Italian or business.

We will discuss with you your objectives and the student’s objective before we design a programme. And we will monitor student’s progress also by setting up regular testing if required, followed by a report. The course programme will be prepared and discussed with you.

We will endeavour to create a pleasant and motivating environment during our lessons as we believe that true learning happens when students are allowed to relax and actively participate to the lesson.

We will be monitoring the teaching and your student’s satisfaction with requests of regular feedback.

Not only lessons, not only face-to-face lessons:

As well as group and individual lessons we also offer special events (for example for Christmas), lunch conversations, one-day and one-week-survival courses for example in preparation of a trip to Italy.

We teach face-to-face, however, if a student travels a lot we also offer online learning with Skype lessons, audio-video lessons wherever they are.

Special events:

This is a fun day at the office. It is set up to teach some basic Italian and Italian customs and it is taught using a lot of games. There are competitions between teams and prizes are won. There is learning as well as laughter and enjoyment and at the end of the day learning will also have happened.

Lunch conversation:

We offer lunch conversation for busy people.

Survival courses:

These are courses especially designed for people who wish to learn some Italian before going to Italy perhaps on holiday or for a short stay. It enables the student to cope with everyday situations.

Skype lessons:

We offer lessons using skype useful if/when you cannot attend a face to face lesson.

Have you thought about business benefits of learning Italian? Here are some:

  • Better understanding of your company or clients if either is Italian or has an Italian background.
  • Better understanding of Italian companies
  • A better understanding of how to behave and what to do to be successful with Italians
  • Increased productivity by motivating your staff and creating more understanding of Italian company and Italian clients
  • Achieving team building with group classes
  • Reward your staff with classes as a bonus
  • Offer a fun day at the office with our Italian special events

Here is what a Country Manager says about the service received from Parla Italiano employed to deliver a number of classes:

"She is an excellent teacher of the Italian language to students in the corporate environment. Not only she is enthusiast about her job but also manages to motivate the class and make their learning experience entertaining and enjoyable. The results are not only good from the linguistic point of view but also as a team-building experience."

Cesare Noseda, Country General Manager

Contact us if you want to know more about all of the above!