Private Training

Private Italian Lessons

We understand one-to-one training and we offer a truly flexible and tailored made programme. Whatever is your objective, personal and/or professional, we will discuss this with you to create a course just for you, based on your interests and objectives. If you are not a beginner we will assess your level. We offer a flexible course plan to suit your learning style and goals.

Here are some reasons for learning of our clients:


Many of our students enjoy travelling to Italy and want to communicate as much as possible with the natives. Some have chosen to get married in Italy and some own a property there and visit constantly.

We can help by building your confidence with using the language in real situation. We can help total beginners or with brushing up your existing knowledge.


Some of our students love the Italian culture, they appreciate its historical cities, its wealth of art and architecture, cinema and literature. They are drawn to the language as a way of understanding its heritage even more.

We can help by designing course who focus on the cultural element that most attracts you, be it cinema, art, and so on.


Some of our students learn Italian to be able to communicate with the family, perhaps they have married into an Italian family or are of Italian origin but did not have the chance to learn yet.

We can help by understanding in what situation you will need the language and base the course to help you in those situations.


We understand business and business objectives.

Please see Business training (link) to read about what we can do for you.