Learning Italian at Parla Italiano: what to expect from our zoom classes

Have you ever thought how great it would be to start learning a new language, but never really did anything about it? Perhaps you felt it was daunting or thought that you were never good at languages at school. Perhaps you have tried and have been disappointed.

At Parla Italiano we believe that learning a language is all about motivation and fun. The role of our teachers is to guide you and make it possible for you to learn. Our teachers are qualified and prepared, they are able to make the learning process simple and doable.

We have been teaching Italian for more than a decade and the new methodologies enables people to learn quicker, to really speak the language and even to speak from lesson one. Long gone are the days when you needed to learn by heart words and conjugations without ever using them in class or even uttering a single word.

Our classes are small, taught online on zoom and you can expect interaction and speaking from lesson one. Speaking and all the other skills (listening, writing and reading) are developed in each lesson and grammar is introduced gradually. After one term of classes you should be able to talk about yourself, ask basic questions, order at the bar and at the restaurant, express preferences and so on. The atmosphere in class is positive and encouraging. Mistakes are considered part of the journey. And most importantly, you should have fun while learning.

Our classes starts soon, please visit our website: Group Italian Classes on Zoom

For more information please email: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone 07941 092593

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La nostra nuova vita in Italia (livello A2)

Ottobre 2020

Sono italiana, ma vivo a Londra da decenni, sono sposata con un uomo inglese e abbiamo due figli. Abbiamo una casa in Italia e tutte le estati passiamo lì le vacanze. La nostra casa si trova in Lombardia nel nord d’Italia fra il Lago di Como e le montagne. Mio marito si è innamorato della campagna e della montagna italiane e così abbiamo deciso di passare un po’ di tempo in Italia e a settembre 2020 ci siamo trasferiti con i nostri due figli nel paesino dove sono nata che si chiama Novate Mezzola.

I nostri bambini hanno iniziato ad andare a scuola e a conoscere nuovi amici. Parlano già l’italiano ma non molto bene e fortunatamente si stanno ambientando felicemente.

Io e mio marito prima di trasferirci abbiamo pensato ai vari problemi che avrebbero potuto sorgere, ma specialmente io, non ho voluto considerarli troppo per evitare di crearmi paure e di cambiare idea sul trasferimento. Così ho deciso di affrontare i problemi nel momento in cui sorgono. Questo approccio in un certo senso positivo, non è sempre consigliabile in quanto una volta arrivati abbiamo dovuto fare i conti con la burocrazia italiana e internazionale. Per esempio non abbiamo ancora il medico di famiglia!! Comunque, considero questi ostacoli parte della nostra avventura.

Nel trattempo, l’autunno è arrivato portandosi una luce diversa, i suoi bellissimi colori e i suoi frutti dolci e ricchi. Nel prossimo blog, parlerò proprio di questo e di come stiamo assaporando le tradizioni tipiche della nostra zona sostituendo agli amati Halloween e alle celebrazione del 5 novembre, la festa delle castagne e le celebrazioni di Ognissanti e dei Morti.

Il segreto sta nell’essere felici ovunque siamo, capendo e abbracciando quello che di meglio ci offre la cultura locale.

Alla prossima!

Learning a language successfully: you only need one rule

After many years of teaching Italian to adults I have come to the conclusion that for learning successfully there is only one rule: don’t give up!

Recently, a person that I don’t know sent me a message telling me that she had been studying Italian for some times, but she had now given it up. She was contacting me for other reasons than studying Italian but my first emotion upon receiving such email was one of sadness. The way she phrased her message made me think that she had been learning for a while and that she had lost hope.

In my years of teaching I have come across many different students, some natural linguists, some average learners and some very slow learners. No matter the student talent we worked together to achieve language learning and mostly succeeded. Whenever it happened that a person did not succeed it was because they had given up.

Of course, I do understand, that sometime students only want to try something new. After a term of classes, some decide that this is enough and that they wish to try something else. Trying something new is a healthy and it is not giving up. Giving up is due to the belief that we are not achieving, we are not good enough and we might as well stop trying.

I still remember a student I taught about twelve years ago, he was clearly a very intelligent man, with a great career, economic success and very satisfied with his life. He had a reason for learning, however teaching him was difficult, extracting one word from him excruciating. He was not a natural language learner to say the least. However, he had something even more powerful, he had grit, he would not give up, year after year he stuck with it and he achieved his goal. He started to be more and more fluent and became satisfied with his language skills.

What is the secret of his success? His determination of course. But also, even if he had accepted that learning was difficult, he never compared himself to others. He acknowledged and celebrated every little success. And such a great teacher he was to me!

Parla Italiano new Italian classes for adults open every term, please get in touch if you are interested by email: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone laura on 07941 092593