Teachers and Methodology

Italian lessons for beginners

Ok, I’m not going to be technical about methodology! Let me just tell you that lessons are taught in Italian, including at beginner level.


Because only by listening and responding in Italian can you really learn. It is like riding a bicycle; only if you start doing the action yourself can you learn it.

How is this possible at beginner level?

Well, our teachers are trained specifically in the teaching of Italian and have tools to do this. They extensively use visual aids, mime, and gestures. All of their materials refer to the real world and give clear clues to the meaning of every element presented. Their material and class management skills ensure that nobody is left behind.

What else? You will be speaking in your class and the class is interactive from start to finish.


Because languages require constant practice. If you want to learn to write you need to write, if you want to understand when an Italian speaks you need to listen to real Italian, if you want to be able to read you need to read and guess what? If you want to speak Italian you need to do it!

During our classes you will develop all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) with a special focus on what your personal objectives are.

Even at beginner level?

Yes, you will start learning simple but essential phrases while you learn grammar and develop your vocabulary and other skills.

What do you mean with interactive?

I mean that a student is never a spectator but is involved in the lesson all the time. Have you ever sat in a conference room listening to somebody for an hour? This can be boring and not much fun. We believe that if you pay for your lesson, this should be your lesson and not the teacher’s.

I don’t want to be boring so I finish here

Your teacher can tell you more about how we can tailor your lesson, how business objectives are included in the planning, why lessons don’t have to be boring, how your interests and objectives are the most important things in lessons taught one to one, and much more.