Jackie Farrell, Palmers Green N13

The course has been really enjoyable. As an adult learner I was unsure of what to expect and what format a lesson would take (It’s a long time since I was at school!) the variety of topics covered and the way they have been presented has been a pleasant surprise. Working in a small group and with different partners within that setting has allowed me to learn from others and to gain confidence in both speaking and expressing opinions. Quizzes, games, drawing and listening ensure I am interacting with peers and the teacher for the duration of the lesson which always seems to fly by. Homework is set each lesson, which encourages me not only to do that but to try and do further reading at home. As a teacher Laura is very encouraging and very engaging. She is able to inspire confidence to have a go at speaking and she is always positive and reassuring in all her comments. She makes each lesson not only informative but also fun which makes me want to continue to learn.