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Learn Italian online with us and have fun!

Boutique school of Italian.

Italian group courses online at all levels.

We teach small groups on Zoom. Our classes are led by professional teachers. The syllabus is carefully designed to develop the four language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) with most emphasis on speaking. We make it our job to offer effective but fun classes at all levels.

What a lovely way to learn this beautiful language! Laura will take you on this journey step by step and at your own pace with plenty of time for questions and clarification. She makes it fun too, using a variety of teaching methods and will both support and guide you. Once upon a time learning a language was boring, stuffy and felt like a mountain to climb, but this is much nicer! Forza!
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Self-paced Courses

Are you looking for a self-paced comprehensive course? Laura Scaramella, head of Parla Italiano, has personally developed these online courses designing them to guide you from beginner to advanced. She has drawn upon her extensive studies and over 15 years’ teaching experience to plan and deliver these courses.

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Here are some valuable resources, free for you to get stuck into. Discover our free lessons to get you started, our blog in Italian, our videos and much more.

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