Group Classes on zoom

Group Italian Classes

Parla Italiano offers small and effective group classes on zoom. Our classes are teacher-led. The syllabus is carefully designed to develop the four skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) with the most emphasis on speaking. Our classes are effective but also fun. We offer Italian conversation classes and an Italian book club for more advanced students.

Business Classes

Business Italian Classes

At Parla Italiano we teach more than the language as an understanding of the culture determines success in business. We have an in depth knowledge of the business environment and we listen to you to understand your business objectives. Please get in touch to find out more.

Children Classes

Italian Classes for Children

I am sorry we no longer cater for children.

How we Teach

Teaching Italian, in Italian

All our lessons are taught in Italian, including at beginner level, because only by listening and responding in Italian can you really learn. It is like riding a bicycle; only if you start doing the action yourself can you learn it properly.

Learn Italian with Parla Italiano and have fun!

Learn conversational or business Italian with us, online, on zoom. At Parla Italiano, we use the communicative approach which main aim is to speak from day one, even at beginners level. Enjoy learning the Italian language by playing games, watching short video clips, doing projects and by being actively involved in the lesson. Our aim is to develop the four skills of speaking and listening, writing and reading. The main focus is however: speaking as this is what you have told us you are interested in.

What do we do? We teach students to speak Italian at all levels from total beginners to advanced. Learn Italian with Parla Italiano in a group class setting, online, on zoom. Each module is designed to develop the four skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) with the most emphasis on speaking. Grammar is introduced gradually in each class. We use a variety of tools to help you make the most of the lesson, including visuals, recorded material, video clips, games, etc. All lessons are taught in Italian to ensure that you are exposed to the language as much as possible. However, don’t worry, our teachers are specialists in teaching a second language and you will understand all given instructions. We use mime, visual aids and examples so that all is quite clear and understandable and at the same time you can hear the beautiful language and get used to it. Furthermore, we help our students giving them tips on how to improve and continue to study Italian and practice outside of the class.

Where & when?  We offer group classes online on zoom and other platforms. Our classes are in the morning and in the evening. Please check our course schedule here. Enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home or office. Parla Italiano has listened to you and we have designed all our classes to be suited to the online setting of zoom and other platforms. No more long commuting after work to get to your class, later at night. Now it is possible to learn in the comfort of your own home and at the same time have the full attention of a teacher.

Our teachers: Our teachers are fully qualified, can explain even the most difficult elements of the Italian language. They are trained to simplify and make the Italian language easily understood and leant.

What people say about us: “What a lovely way to learn this beautiful language! Laura will take you on this journey step by step and at your own pace with plenty of time for questions and clarification. She makes it fun too, using a variety of teaching methods and will both support and guide you. Once upon a time learning a language was boring, stuffy and felt like a mountain to climb, but this is much nicer! Forza!” Nick Thomson

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