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Who We Are

First of all who are we

Parla Italiano has been delivering successful Italian language training since 2006. The business was established by Laura Scaramella and has grown since then into a successful school centred on the work of a group of excellent teachers. The group is inspired by the goal of achieving student’s objectives. Our goal is to guide our students to get where they want to be with the passion of doing a great job.

All our classes are delivered online using Zoom. Our classes are teacher-led, very interactive and with a strong focus on speaking.

laura scaramella
women writing in notepad to learn Italian online

Our teachers

Parla Italiano collaborates with a group of native, fully qualified, professional teachers. Elena, Daniela, Maria, Sara, Margherita, Raffaella, etc are a few of the teachers who have been chosen because they fit in. They are chosen amongst the best. And they like to do great work. Most importantly they have the tools and knowledge to do it. The teachers who work with Parla Italiano are fully supported by the school. How? They collaborate with other teachers to prepare syllabi and programmes. Teachers are regularly monitored, and their teaching regularly observed to encourage best practices, provide ongoing development and therefore the best quality of service.

If you are a teacher and you have knowledge, experience and passion, get in touch if you wish to work with us.

laura scaramella

Laura Scaramella, Founder

Laura graduated in Milan and after taking her first degree, she moved to London. In London, she worked in the city as a manager for a few years as well as completing an MA from the Metropolitan University. She has always had a passion for teaching. In 2006 she left her career and became a teacher of Italian and then a teacher trainer. She took various certificates such as CLTA and CELTA from International House London, certification for teaching individual students and one for teaching children from International House World. Certification as a teacher trainer followed soon after. Founding Parla Italiano came naturally to her from combining in-depth knowledge of the corporate environment, understanding what students want and ongoing research into the latest methodologies. Last but not least: she has a passion for doing things well.

Looking for an Italian course?

Send me a message here (stating your current level) and I'll help you select the most appropriate one for you. Look forward to hearing from you, Laura