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I have been working with Laura and her language business, Parla Italiano, for over 3 years. In my dealings with Laura, she has not only shown to be very professional, reliable and approachable but also she understands the business and

Luca Piccini, Country Manger, Lavazza UK (now Asia Pacific Director at Luigi Lavazza S.p.a.)

Laura is a fantastic teacher who has contagious energy, passion and enthusiasm. Her lessons are demanding and always great fun. Conversation is easy – she is bright and intelligent and always interesting to talk to. You learn fast. Brava Professoressa!

Rory Conwell, Chairman, BeautySpotter

Laura always makes the lesson interesting by doing different things. She teaches using examples that will come useful in everyday situations. I used to be worried about listening comprehension but with Laura I like doing this activity as I realise

Hannah Roberts

Laura inspires with her infectious enthusiasm. I always finish a lesson feeling upbeat about my progress having often started feeling dim. Her emphasis on understanding and being understood is not at the expense of developing a grasp of the technicalities.

Dr Gregory Battle (beginner student)

I have been studying Italian with Laura for about a year. She is an extremely effective teacher. Her approach was consistent from the beginning and prompted me to speak Italian as much as I could. Over time with her support

Jason Maratos (beginner student)

Laura is a great teacher. The lesson are both fun and structured and my confidence speaking the language has increased a lot on account of her enthusiasm and support. Although the lessons are structured, she ensures that we don’t just

Megan Schuster (intermediate student)

I have been studying Italian with Laura for one year now, after having a break from the language for over 10 years Laura was great in tailoring the lesson to my needs, revisiting long forgotten grammar and building confidence speaking

Olivia Erby (beginner student)

I would highly recommend Laura, who is an excellent teacher. Every lesson I have had so far has been filled with useful topics, which she presents in a fun and interesting way. The lessons are varied, with games, puzzles, interactive

Julia Barnaby (beginner student)

I’ve been studying with Laura for nearly a year. I very much enjoy our lessons (even the grammar!) which she plans in advance to focus on areas which need attention. No lesson is the same and I particularly enjoy our

Ingrid Clifford Jones (advanced student)

As learning the Italian language is one of my life aims, I have been taking Italian lessons with Laura Scaramella for the better part of a year now and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Due to heavy work

Lars Dahlmann Anstensen (upper elementary student)

I found Laura’s Italian lessons extremely comprehensive and enjoyable. After many attempts at learning the language, I finally found myself understanding and remembering the grammar and vocabulary. We learnt in a way that I found myself thinking in Italian and

Sarah Mills (beginner student)

I took some private lessons with Laura to refresh my Italian before a holiday. The lessons were at the same time fun and useful. She was very receptive to the way that I like to learn and tailored the lessons

Susan Reuben (advanced student)

Laura is a fantastic teacher of Italian. She is patient, friendly and imbues the lesson with a real sense of fun. I have been studying Italian for a number of years now, but since starting with Laura, my Italian has

Benjamin Olins (upper intermediate student)

Laura is patient and encouraging and in only a few months of lessons I have gone from a complete beginner level to conversational Italian which I am now able to put to practical use in my job.

Jayne Morgan (lower intermediate student)

Laura is an enthusiastic, friendly and patient tutor. She made our lessons enjoyable and thorough. I looked forward to every lesson and I’m confident I learnt more than I expected.

Christina Delapaz (beginner student)

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