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Are you starting out or have been learning Italian only for a little bit? Are you between the levels 0 and A1/A2? Then start from here.

Have you been studying for a while? Perhaps you have achieved a B1 or B2 level? Then start from here.

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If you are upper intermediate or advanced (B2+ C1 or C2) then start from here.

Our fun book club if for students who have achieved at least a B1+ level (or near upper intermediate).

The book club is a fun meeting on Zoom. It is focused on developing speaking and reading skills, and widen your vocabulary in the process. Prior to the meeting, we read a chapter of a carefully selected Italian novel. The reading stage is guided by a worksheet sent out in advance. The live session on Zoom is managed by an experienced teacher.

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Not sure which level course you should attend? Take our quiz and test your Italian language skills to see which is the most appropriate course for your level.

Our private lessons on Zoom are very flexible and are designed specifically for you.

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs.

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Looking for an Italian course?

Send me a message here (stating your current level) and I'll help you select the most appropriate one for you. Look forward to hearing from you, Laura