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Test Your Italian

If you score 9 or above on the test, we advise taking the next level to see if you are better placed here. If you score 3 or below, we suggest taking the previous level to see if it would be better suited to your current lingual skills. If you score between 4 and 8, then this level is deemed to be the best for your level.

Test Your Italian Level A1

Test Your Italian Level A2

Test Your Italian Level B1

Test Your Italian Level B2

Test Your Italian Level Advanced

If you are not familiar with what the A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels stand for, please read this explanation:
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – Wikipedia

Looking for an Italian course?

Send me a message here (stating your current level) and I'll help you select the most appropriate one for you. Look forward to hearing from you, Laura