Italian classes for children and the importance of movement

italian classes for children

Italian classes for children

In our Italian classes no matter what the student age is, we never just sit on a chair but we offer a variety of activities so that our students can move. We believe that learning takes place when we feel free and relaxed. This is why movement is important in our classes.

Even in our adult classes we carefully select games to consolidate vocabulary and structures learnt. Adults move in class during the games, during ‘mingling’ activities, and they are sometimes invited to the board to take ownership of a particular activity.

Movement is even more important in our children classes. Children unlike adults have a short attention span, albeit which grows with age.

We account for this in all of our classes. For example our 3-5 classes are taught mainly on the carpet. However, children are invited to stand during singing time. They can move around during our role plays (picture 1.) and during games. Because the class is varied and time standing/moving/on the carpet is alternated, when it is time to listen to a story in Italian or to work on activities that require attention, children are able to sit, listen and concentrate (pictures 2. and 3.). Storytelling is a very important element in our classes. Our storytelling time is always interactive. So children are asked questions – always in Italian – and they are invited to participate actively in it. All our classes at all levels and for all ages are taught exclusively in Italian and students are interacting with our teachers in Italian.

Class 3-5 years old, 1. Role play 2. Story told in pictures, 3. Puppet show


As the children grow their attention span grows and they are more able to sit still for longer periods.

Students in our Italian 7-9 class, have a chair with a table as they are asked to write in some of the activities. Activities however, are varied and students are expected to move during some of the activities. For example we offer time to work in pairs or in small groups on the floor (picture below) as well as standing time; for example time on the board during a game, a mime activity and so on.

Class 7-9 years old, group work


how to be more italian

You don’t necessarily have to hop on a plane to feel like an Italian this summer! London is bursting with Italian culture; amongst its many restaurants, events and art, there is no excuse for you not to practise your language skills.  Here are a few ideas on how to immerse yourselves in the language and culture of Italian London.

  1. Celebrate at the ‘Festa Italiana’

On Sunday 22 July 2018 the streets of London’s EC1 will be painted green, white and red as the Italian community of Clerkenwell and St Peters Italian Church put on the greatest show of the summer; known to the Italians of London as ‘Festa Italiana’ or Processione della Madonna del Carmine.  A great place to meet other Italians and surround yourself by the sounds and smells of Italy. Try some delicious porchetta and wash it down with a refreshing summery Spritz! Don’t miss out.

  1. Be an Italian bookworm

Summer is a great time to start a new book so make it an Italian one! The Italian bookshop in Kensington is an excellent place to browse and buy a quality book or a graded one for less advanced students.  They also host regular talks and book presentations so check out their events to add to your diary!

  1. Enjoy pure screen classics

Movie fans will enjoy a trip to Cinema Italia held monthly at London’s historic The Regent Street Cinema in Oxford Circus.  Visit the home of Italian contemporary films in the UK where you can choose from a programme of summer films, events and documentaries.

  1. Sip on arty aperitivo

Fancy your aperitivo in art form? then drop into the Estorick Collection in Canonbury Square N1, for a history lesson about one of Italy’s most celebrated drinks brand – Campari. ‘The Art of Campari’ exhibition, which is on until September, showcases the best of the brand’s rich heritage in creativity and design, you’ll want to sip on one after this!

  1. Refresh your Italian – Get ready for September

If you need to spice up your language skills why not sign up to our adult courses for September.  Or if you would like your children to learn,  then it’s not too late to enrol them to our new children’s classes in North London.