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No more confusion with

The pronoun “ci” in Italian can be challenging for learners due to its various functions. This guide clears all the confusion presenting each different function separately.

These are the various functions of “ci” that we’ll discuss:

  1. Direct and indirect pronouns
  2. Reflexive pronoun
  3. Verb esserci
  4. Adverb of place
  5. Demonstrative pronoun
  6. Pronominal verbs
  7. Common expressions with CI

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First of all who are we

Parla Italiano has been delivering successful Italian language training since 2006. The business was established by Laura Scaramella and has grown since then into a successful school centred on the work of a group of excellent teachers. Parla Italiano is inspired by the goal of achieving student’s objectives. Our goal is to guide our students to get where they want to be with the passion of doing a great job.

All our classes are delivered online using Zoom. Our classes are teacher-led, very interactive and with a strong focus on speaking.

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Our courses

Our Italian courses are designed to develop speaking using the latest methodology. Lessons are very interactive and fun with a focus on speaking.

We have courses at all levels from complete beginners to upper intermediate and advanced.

Lessons are enjoyable as we use games as well as a variety of activities to keep a high level of interest and motivation for our students.

Parla Italiano specialises in teaching speakers of English as a first language, this is because the school was born in London and the teachers have a deep understanding of the specific difficulties that English speakers have related to learning Italian and can help to overcome their struggles.

Courses starts throughout the year and you can request a free trial anytime.

Looking for an Italian course?

Send me a message here (stating your current level) and I'll help you select the most appropriate one for you. Look forward to hearing from you, Laura