Italy, the cultural cornucopia

What is the culture of Italy

Italy is so rich with cultural and natural attractions that even if you have been before, you can easily choose different and less obvious places to visit.

When I talk to people about Parla Italiano, my school which teaches Italian, people are surprised that we have such success with teaching Italian in Palmers Green, and that our school is growing. Not many people know that, even if Italian is not widely spoken, it is the fourth most studied language in the world. Italian is studied for a number of reasons: for tourism, because of family ties, others simply love the language, but many more are attracted to it by the amazing Italian cultural heritage.

Italy is home to 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the largest number of any country in the world. Some of these include the historic centres of Rome, Naples, Pisa, Siena and Venice. But Italy is so packed full with treasures that many secondary cities are also listed on the World Heritage Sites and are little jewels to discover, getting away from the beaten track. For example cities such as Urbino, Ferrara, Ravenna, the Trulli at Alberobello, and so on are all listed.

I have been asked recently about places to visit. I would suggest looking up the UNESCO list, exclude the major cities, and organise yourself a lovely tour of those amazing less known places. You will find less tourists and at the same time see some breath-taking works of art and nature.

According to one estimate, Italy is also home to half or more of the world’s art treasures. Overall, the nation has an estimated 100,000 monuments of any sort (churches, cathedrals, archaeological sites, houses and statues) and over 3 thousand museums.

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My students all love Italy and the Italian culture which is the reason why they are learning Italian. Learning the language is the vehicle with which to learn about the culture and to understand more about it. At Parla Italiano, we have a number of courses covering various levels from complete beginners to more advanced. Classes are small and teaching is professional. New classes start at the end of September. Our course schedule is available online: