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Conversational Italian classes

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If you have been searching for ‘Italian conversation classes near me’, look no further, we offer conversational Italian classes on Zoom so that you can access them from wherever you are. Please click here to have a look. If you have been studying Italian on your own, online, or even in a classroom setting and you need help with your speaking, this is the Italian course for you. Even if you feel a bit rusty, don’t worry, this class offers guidance to get you back into the language with ease.

In our classes we offer guidance to students to help their fluency even at beginner level. Have a look at the video at the end of this article, for a quick tip on how to say more when speaking in Italian.

Who we are

Our native teachers are all fully qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language to adults. Additionally, they have been teaching Italian classes for adults extensively and are expert in what they do. Here is a link about who we are. People often mentioned us when talking about the best online Italian lessons they have had, please see their feedback here.

However, let’s start with clarifying:

  • What are conversational Italian classes?
  • Why are they different from regular lessons?
  • Why is a conversational Italian class not a chat?
  • What to expect from an online Italian conversation class?
  • Where can you find them?

What are conversational Italian classes?

If your current method of studying does not allow you to practice speaking or to practise it enough, a speaking class is what you need.

Firstly, we design our conversational Italian class to develop speaking. To achieve this, the lesson needs to offer stimulating topics so that students are compelled to speak. Moreover, and especially at lower levels, the lesson needs to be structured so that students don’t lose focus and don’t run out of things to say. Hence, the lesson needs to be divided into stages: some of them will focus on speaking, some on lexis and some on pronunciation. And in so doing, the lesson will be varied and more interesting.

Why are they different from regular lessons?

Conversational classes are different from a regular lesson because they have one main aim: speaking. Specifically, the focus of a conversation class does not have to compete with different aims such as developing other skills, for example listening, writing and reading and of course, grammar. Undoubtedly, these skills are essential for learning Italian and indeed are the basis of our more complex Italian courses. Please see our full range here.

Having said that, if you are taking an online course or doing self-paced learning, you can develop all of the above skills with the exception of speaking. So this course is focused on filling that gap.

Finally, even though speaking is the focus of the conversational class, it will also focus on developing your vocabulary and pronunciation. These are crucial to your speaking and should go hand in hand in a conversation class.

Why is a conversational Italian class not a chat?

A conversation class is not just an informal chat, but a class planned to develop speaking. To clarify, a chat is great in real situations especially when you can take your time. This can be very beneficial to your language skills. However, in a classroom setting, time is limited. This is why planning and structuring the lesson offers a richer and more effective way of developing speaking.

In addition, at Parla Italiano, we design the activities specifically for your level so that you can feel in control and enjoy the experience in a relaxed environment. Having said that, students in our classes, can experiment with new language and unleash their creativity as well.

What to expect from an online Italian conversation class?

So, what can you expect from this class?

  • You can expect to be guided by an experienced teacher.
  • To develop speaking in a relaxed setting.
  • And to widen your vocabulary as well as improving your pronunciation.
  • You can expect a focus on fluency and improve the speed of your conversation.
  • Furthermore, you can expect interesting topics and engaging conversations.
  • Finally, you can expect a fun language class with games and enjoyable activities.

Please get in touch, we are here to help you

If you are interested in knowing more about our classes, either for conversation, our regular courses, our book club, an assessment of your current level or any other language related queries, please get in touch here! I will be happy to help.

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